Fine Art and Antique Appraisal

Each piece or work is unique and valued by our qualified in-house antique and art valuer who’ll always give you the best possible market offer. Valuations are no obligation and free of charge.


Appraisal Considerations:

  • Art and Sculpture
    We accept renowned artists including: Pro Hart, David Bromley, Ray Crooke, Sidney Nolan, Brett Whitely, Anthony Lister, Robert Dickerson and more.
  • Antiques
    We accept all types of precious antiques and artefacts that display uniqueness, age, rarity, high quality craftsmanship, precious metals and maker marks.
  • Condition
    Excellent, good, fair and poor condition are valuation factors. Provenance and sales history will increase the value.

Fine Art and Antiques Collection

Getting your item to us:

Secured Courier
After an offer is made, we’ll send you a Secure Pawnbank Pack including instructions and packaging to send your item; insurance and costs covered by us. Receive your cash loan upon in store valuation and offer acceptance.


  • When your item arrives at Pawnbank, it’s handled under CCTV and photographed.
  • While it’s with us for the valuation and loan duration, it’s stored in our highly secure vaults under 24/7 CCTV.
  • Your item is fully insured for the duration of your loan and until it’s back in your possession.