Fast cash on fine wines including: Penfolds, Margaux, Angélus, Latour, Moet and more.

Each wine collection is unique and therefore valued by our qualified in-house wine expert who’ll always give you the best possible market offer. Appraisals are no obligation and free of charge.

Appraisal considerations


We accept renowned Australian and international wine and champagne producers including: Penfolds, Margaux, Angélus, Latour, Moet and more.


The condition of the wine includes: label, cork, ullage and storage process. Excellent condition is the only wine quality accepted with supporting pictures provided of the collection insitu/cellar stored.


Previous ownership/sales history will increase the value.

How we collect your wine

Getting your wine to us

After an offer is made, we can have your wine collection collected and have it stored at a purpose-built partner facility. You’ll then receive your cash loan upon appraisal and offer acceptance.

Come in

Visit our store with your collection for an expert appraisal, receive an offer and get your cash loan soon after. It will then be transported to the purpose-built partner facility.

Home visit

If you have a collection of considerable size and value and reside in South East Queensland, an expert valuer can visit your home, make you an offer and receive your cash loan soon after. We can also leave the collection in your hands if it’s housed in a purpose-built facility.


  • When your collection arrives at Pawnbank or a partner cellar facility, it’s photographed for our records.
  • While it’s with us for the appraisal and loan duration, it’s secure under state of the art cellar security.
  • Your collection is fully insured for the duration of your loan and until it’s back in your possession.