We make loaning money easy with our simple 4-step online process.

We all need our cash to flow and sometimes due to various circumstances, we need it fast. This is where our game-changing new lending service Pawnbank enters the scene giving you the power to control your cash on transparent financial terms.

The Pawnbank Process - Get your estimate, Send your goods, Get your cash, Get it all back

1. Tell us about your item

  • Click apply now & fill in a few details about yourself.
  • Upload an image or two of your item and any certificates or receipts which will help your appraisal – smartphone pics are fine.
  • Instantly receive your Pawnbank loan estimate offer.

2. Courier your item free

  • If you’re pleased with your estimate, we’ll send you a Secure Pawnbank Pack to send your goods to our headquarters.
  • For larger luxury goods like cars, motorbikes and boats, a Pawnbank Customer Service Representative will be in touch with further instructions via email or phone.

3. Receive your cash loan

  • Once we receive your goods, one of our expert valuers will make an onsite appraisal and email you an official same day loan offer.
  • If you accept the email offer, we then transfer the cash to your nominated bank account usually within 24-hours. 

4. Pay the loan, get your goods

  • When you pay back the loan we then send your goods back free of charge by registered courier.
  • You can customise your loan term between 1 to 3 months and also have the flexibility to extend the loan period once it has matured, no penalty.

Powering Pawnbank is an Australian first in ecommerce technology plugged into world-class personal security software keeping all transactions private and safe.

What are the Benefits of using Pawnbank?


No client credit checks or proof of income required with your verified assets acquired as security.


Cash is electronically transferred to your bank, no calls to employers or financial institutions either.


24-hour approval on receipt and authentication of goods at Pawnbank headquarters.


Access the cash you need on your terms with no early penalty fees and no hassle.


Enjoy a 100% transparent yet flexible exchange process from start to finish.


No complicated financial contracts, ongoing fees or intrusive marketing emails.